Harvard punk

I got into a conversation with a kid from Harvard that just graduated about negotiating a lease.

He was very confident and arrogant in what he was saying.

Almost like he had negotiated. 

He learned all of it from his professor.

He never negotiated a lease in his life, he was quoting a book and a mock trial.

Odds are his professor has never negotiated a lease either. 

He was one of those guys I call a “waiting to talker”.

He had no interest in the 2 different million dollar leases I had actually negotiated and the other countless leases I consulted my clients on. 

He just kept talking about his “experience” in his class. 

It made me nauseous but my laid-back personality just let him have his day…

…And when he gets smashed in the mouth by real life, maybe it’ll bring him down from his horse. 

As a gym owner, you’ve probably never had a formal business education.

And even if you did, it will never replace real life experience. 

The classroom will never be able to mimic the pressure and emotion that comes with real life.

Well, the experience you’re going through right now…

… i.e. simultaneously running a gym during a pandemic and a recession for the past 4 months is accelerating your growth as a business owner equivalent to 5 years of business experience. 

As crappy as Covid-19 has been, it has put you in a situation that has made you a stronger & better gym owner. 

There’s a ton I’ve learned but the biggest one is this:

Imagine your business is bucket.

The bigger the holes in the bucket the harder it will be to make money. 

I’ve talked about them a LOT lately but here are a few money leaks I’ve seen that drill the largest holes in your bucket.

1.  Bad Follow up and poor execution of your software platform that makes this happen

2.  Not tracking attendance accurately and clients leaving because you failed to reach out at the first sign of them slowing down 

3.  Not having a grasp of your current capacity which means you have no clue on average how many spots in each class are actually be utilized. 

Cover up these leaks and you’ll see the balance in your business checking account to get flush. 

Vince Gabriele

LONG P.S. In regards to money leak #2, I have a new follow-up software that’ll save money on your monthly software bill, reduce massive headaches because you only need this one…and most importantly give you VERY unique features you’re not currently using that’ll make you gobs of cash…promise. 

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