His Facility was a 1 Bedroom Apt: Giancarlo Regni, Owner of G-Strength – Podcast

This week on the FBU Podcast Big Tom talked to Giancarlo Regni, owner of G-Strength in Philadelphia, PA. 

Gian (also known as “G”) has one of the most unique stories we’ve heard in the fitness industry.

He started his business in 2016, which meant he was training people in the bedroom of his 1 bedroom apartment and driving for Lyft on the side to make ends meet. 

G was looking for direction in his marketing, instead of just “doing a great job and hoping my clients tell other people”.

He took part in the 6-Week Client Surge Program and is now a member of the SPF Mastermind. During this episode, G shares his story and talks about his success following the Surge, along with:

– How he was able to DOUBLE his revenue, while cutting his own coaching hours from 60+ per week to less than 25

– How he went from a 1 man show to 4 coaches

– How he shifted his marketing to start getting more reliable and consistent lead generation 

–  How he got out of his apartment and opened his first facility

If you are interested in learning more about the 6 Week Client Surge that helped G do this and more CLICK HERE .

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