historic cash surge in a recession

While I was on vacation last week our General manager texted me this: 

“$4,797 in new sales today…enjoy your vacation”

My gym has had a cash surge that’s turning into one of the biggest in our 12-year history.

It’s brought in well over $30,000 in new business over the past 8 weeks. 

Yup, you read that right, In the middle of a pandemic and recession we sold an additional $30,000 in training… this is on top of the revenue we’re collecting from our normal clients. 

Here’s some interesting info:

  • The ad spend to get all these new members was $0.
  • The close rate on the clients that came and did a consultation was close to 100%
  • The number of people that made up all of this new sale was less than 30.
  • The average sale was over $1,000.

The best part was we did a 2-page spread about this campaign in the September issue of my new marketing newsletter. 

The only way to get this info is to be a subscriber to my new program called the Marketing Master Insiders Club. 

The program is not yet released but I’m offering a limited number of free spots to my current email subscribers. 

Full details about the program will be released very soon. 

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Vince Gabriele

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