How I Passed My CSCS Exam

Back in the early 2000’s I had this idea that if I could pass my CSCS exam I would finally be somebody. 


You see, I majored in business in college and when I became a personal trainer, I had this insecurity about not having the same credentials as my co-workers. 


I felt that when my CSCS was passed I would get rid of this insecurity. 


So, I worked my tail off. 


I bought every resource I could find and put hours upon hours to make it happen. 


But there was one thing that happened that made all the difference. 


I had taken a 2-day class at the University of California San Diego and got into a conversation with my teacher about the CSCS. 


I told him how hard I was working and that the science portion of the book was giving me fits because I had never take those classes in college. 


He said, meet me at Starbucks next week, I’ll help you. 


That turned into a regular meeting several weeks in a row and I passed, easily. 


He took no money from me he just wanted to help. 


I saw him recently when we were speaking the same conference and told him how much I had appreciated that time he gave me. 


He told me, “just pay it forward”. 


Well, if your reading this you get to reap the benefit if this man’s generosity. 


Here is a link to book a free 1-1 call with me to discuss how you can get more clients and make more money. 


Hope to help you as much as this guy helped me. 



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