How This Gym Owner Makes $320 in 30 Minutes

I’ve been busy the last few months. 

Busy helping gym owners implement small group personal training or semi-private (whatever the hell you want to call it, it doesn’t freaking matter). 

The math on it is too conclusive not to at least consider. 

You can either make $100/per hour training someone 1-1.  

Or, you can make $200-250 while training 4-6 people. 

One of my clients took it up a level and sent me this text just a few weeks after we implemented small group into his strictly 1-1 business. 


One of the concepts I talk about a ton is Price Elasticity. 

This is your ability to be able to stretch how much you charge relative to your competition. 

You can always compare 1-1 with the gym down the street. 

It’s harder to compare training in smaller groups. 

It’s really important for gym owners to truly understand pricing and the psychology of it. 

After all, your pricing structure is the key to a healthy profitable business. 

Pending you are not being silly with your money and overspending; the pricing structure is the one thing that I see holds gym owners back from taking home the amount of money they want. 

Just like you need to learn more about marketinghiring and systems to build a great business Understanding how to price your programs is huge to be sure youre bringing home the profit you deserve. 


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