How to Deal with Your Toughest Critics

This week on the FBU Podcast BigTom and I sat down to talk about how to deal with criticism. 

I was fresh off spending a week learning from Tony Robbins at his Date With Destiny Seminar and received some social media back-lash for attending the event. The same day, I got an email from an “unhappy” attendee at one of my own seminars, who had some harsh things to say.

So instead of stewing over the criticism, I decided to use it as the topic for this episode. 

Big Tom and I talk about:
– Some of the harshest criticism we ever received at Gabriele Fitness
– How to not take the criticism personally
– The best ways to use the criticism as fuel
– How to use criticism from clients to actually strengthen the relationship

and a whole lot more.

If you’re like me and struggle when it comes to handling criticism (which means you’re human) then this episode is a must listen. 

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