How to Generate Explosive Cash Flow Like a CEO—In Just 3 Hours a Day

Gym Owners should be spending 3 hours per day on this…

Last night I boarded a plane to San Diego after 2 action-packed days with the CEO mastermind.

I have 2 separate groups in my CEO division, each with 12 gym owners.

There are always a ton of takeaways, breakthroughs and many times massive changes that are made as a result of these meetings.

Here is one HUGE takeaway fresh on my mind that was discussed in great detail during the last CEO Mastermind Meeting.

Spend 3 Hours/Day Ringing the Register

While I am all for building systems and spending time evaluating the financials…I’m a bigger fan of Ringing the Register.

Ringing the Register is my term for a relentless focus on getting money.

Too many gym owners hide behind fake work, something I talk about extensively in the SPF Mastermind.

Fake work is where you do activity in your business that feels like work but does not generate any financial return.

It’s essentially wasting time in most cases and many gym owners hide behind this kind of garbage to make themselves feel busy.

Ringing the Register is time-blocking activities that have a direct impact on generating revenue and profit.

As the owner of your business, if you are in charge of the Revenue and Profit…you should be spending 3 hours/day on this.

This can be broken down into 4 categories

1. Generating Leads

2. Lead Nurture/Re-activation

3. Sales meeting/consultations

4. Upsells and Upgrades

All things related to these 4 things help Ring the Register and I wouldn’t let another day go by where there isn’t 3 hours a day on these 4 things.

Here’s some bonus help for you.

If you do this…you’ll have the best year of your life.

Time block your Ring the Register activities on your calendar

Don’t just put appointments where you meet with people, or where you’re training clients.

Book appointments with yourself within the 4 categories above…

An example could be

9-10 AM: Call 10 active members and ask them to go from 2x/week to 3x/week

Take a quick break

10:10-11:10: Write 2 emails to your newsletter list with a CTA about your evergreen offer

Break again (10 minutes)

11:20-12:20: Make phone calls to all leads that opted-in over the past week…that have yet to book a first session

Think about those 3 hours and the impact they will have on helping you ring the register.

Do this each day and you’ll be where you want to be this time next year. Promise.

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