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The 6 Week New Client Surge is around the corner (Starts February 4th).

Here’s a quick testimonial from a Surge Graduate: 

“I got 43 new clients and my confidence level with my marketing is now a 9 out of 10!” 

-Joe Salpietro, Team Lifestyle Elite, Davie FL

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How To Get All The Qualified Clients You Can Handle

SPF Mastermind Member Joe Hashey runs one of the most successful gyms in America, Synergy Athletics.  

He’s done so well I promoted him to be an SPF Business Mentor.

Joe holds the record of getting 80 clients at one shot from what I’m about to teach you on this podcast. 

Gyms are not seeing the huge opportunities around them and this podcast will give you the secret to unlock a large group of people to your door. 

Listen in to this podcast for a concept that will change the game for your business.

There’s a boatload more about this concept loaded into the 6 Week New Client Surge Program.

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