How to get your members angry at you

Here’s a great way to anger your current members…

…The same members that paid you full price for those weak zoom workouts.

Announce that you’re open but have limited capacity and space.

Fill lots of the spaces up with potential new clients and shut out your current paying members.

Yes, the guy that had paid you $400/month for the last 9 years.

You need to tell him you’re full. 

Smart Idea? 

This is why I love the sweepstakes.

It gives you a way to generate a ton of high quality leads but you bring them into your business when it works for you, not the other way around.

This means that you can fill your empty spots with the highest quality new clients…and still have the room you need for your current members. 

The Sweepstakes is the only marketing event that will get this done.

I’m hosting a webinar tomorrow to teach you how to implement this bird. 

It’s got the juice to get your business flying high, really high.

There’s over 200 gym owners locked and loaded to attend this free LIVE training…

The most I’ve ever had on a webinar.

I think they’ve been feeling the power of the sweepstakes from my emails and podcasts.

Can you feel it?

It’s tool that you learn once and have for life. 

Implementing the Sweepstakes will:
·     Drive a ton of qualified leads
·     AMP up your email list
·     Get you new members immediately
·     Get your community talking about you and no one else
·     Fire up your team 
·     Get your members excited about being a part of your gym
·     Give you success stories to use for the rest of your existence
·     Provide a marketing tool you can use every year with ultra-effectiveness

There’s definitely more…

In my 12 years running a gym…if you were to ask me what was the most successful marketing event I’ve ever used, this is…without even thinking about it…numero uno

Join me tomorrow at Noon EST or Saturday at Noon EST and let me teach you how to do this… 

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