How To Retain Your Clients

One of our most successful monthly practices is our client meeting. This is where we sit down as a team and report to each other how each client is doing.

With the popularity of semi-private training and large group training programs in the industry more practices to help get to know your clients and for all of your team members to be aware of what is going on is essential.

Each trainer is assigned to a specific client. It is usually the trainer that works with that person the most.

On the last Wednesday of every month we meet as a team to discuss each person.

We do one or more the following for each client:

  • Report on the success of one of our client
  • Talk about a specific issue they may be having(Physical or Personal)
  • Make everyone aware of major special events coming up

All of these things spark great conversations and there has been some excellent ideas that have come from these meetings.

More importantly it helps for our entire team to get to know each of our clients a little better.

There are times where a specific trainer will never see a client that another primarily works with, this is ok but it is important for each team member to know each client, most importantly their name.

If you run a very big business this gets harder as the numbers increase but as we have grown we have managed to maintain the family atmosphere even as our numbers continue to grow.

Here is an example for why this is important and the impact it can have:

At a recent meeting one of our coaches reported that one of our young athletes had success on a test at school.

Later that same night, the father of this boy (also a client) was in for his fitness session and one of our other coaches mentioned something about the test and it started a great conversation. The father was amazed that he even knew about it.
It is things like this that establish solid relationships that will bulletproof your business.

Some of the most common positive feedback we get is how our entire team knows each person in the gym, regardless if they train them.

Our gym has been referred to as having a “Cheers” like atmosphere, where everybody knows your name, our client meeting have played a big part in this.

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