How To Win Over Parents To Your Training System

When you can look a parent in the eye and tell them that you will improve the life of their child it is very impactful.

When you can show them it is even more so. One of the ways we do this is with our pyramid manual. If you are not familiar with our pyramid, check it out here.

It is simply our foundation for what we look to accomplish in the life of one of our clients.

We call living your life by this pyramid being GFP strong. When you are GFP strong you live your life by this pyramid.

When an athlete signs up or is looking to sign up with us we sit down with them and their parents and go over this manual.

We explain the growth mindset, what they will need to do with their nutrition, tell them what we expect from them in the gym and finally what they will need to accomplish to keep their body healthy.

It is laid out in a full circle system. A system you can easily explain what goes on at your facility.

A system that has a built in component of helping the athlete improve in all areas of physical and mental development.

The manual is simple. It is not long or complex but it gives the athlete and their parent the information they need to be successful.

I remember getting a manual like this a long time ago in High School and it only focused on training, it was a huge binder of drills and progressions that served as more of a manual for a trainer than one for an athlete. I never even opened it.

To separate yourself from other places you must be more than training. Training is the tool, the goal is to provide an experience that will last them a lifetime and help them on their path to living a healthy life forever

The pyramid manual accomplished this.

I have had club teams look at our manual and offer me a ton of money to get the rights to it and distribute them to our athletes but I declined.

Your manual is for your athletes, the ones in your family. Protect it

Develop something that systemizes impacting lives, that is the GFP pyramid, a system to help change lives through training.

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