I Almost Quit Running a Gym

That’s me with my dad, Joe Gabriele, and my son, Joe Gabriele.


Coming from a family where everyone worked in finance, I was definitely a black sheep when I went into the fitness industry.

Then I started my own gym and started to see some great success.

I was as passionate as a gym owner could get and kind of had this little bravado, “I don’t need to be in finance to be successful, I will blaze my own trail”.

A few years into running a gym I ran into some tough times.

I was making a lot of money in gross revenue but not managing it well.

Then, for several reasons our gross revenue hit a rough patch and we spiraled into survival mode.

My confidence suffered and I remember wanting a way out.

I told myself I should of just went into finance like my dad and not blazed my own path.

I should of just done what was expected.

I remember exactly where I was when I started to ask my dad about what I needed to do to get into the finance business.

He looked a little concerned and asked why.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was struggling but he knew.

He went on to tell me what I would need to do and how much money I could make.

It seemed like a great decision.

Give up the stress of running my own business, go work for someone else and then make 3x as much money, not bad.

He figured I was struggling so he told me that every business goes through tough times, mine is no different.

He said, you’re doing something very few people are able to do.

Start a business, make a difference in people’s lives and live life on your own terms.

He said, “Whatever you’re going through, just chalk it up as a learning experience and lean in and fix it”.

“That’s your job as the owner, fix things when they break”.

“If you love what you do and you have the opportunity to make a great living doing it then it makes sense to me that you just need to push through this”.

“No one said this would be easy”.

This was 2010. 

We had more rough patches since then but now I just see them in a different light.

My dad is no longer able to speak, walk or understand anything I am saying since he suffered a stroke this past August, but this lesson has stuck with me for a long time and I hope it shines some light on any tough times you may be having too.


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