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One of the ways I have built trust with our members is to give them tools to help them become better parents.

The majority of our members have kids. I know they appreciate the info I share to help them with the most important job in the world.

Below I wrote about how to praise your kids and sited some research to back it up.

I got a ton of positive feedback from this one.




By this time, I hope you have picked up a copy of Mindset by Carol Dweck. If not, get the book summary, I can assure you it is worth your time.

Most of the people on this list have children and I am sure there are a lot of coaches as well. As parents and coaches we can sometimes get bogged down into end result of sports or education.


What kind of grades did they bring home, how many points did they score, what was the record. 


Not to say that these things do not have any importance. The tendency is to focus on rewarding for talent or intelligence such as an A on a test or scoring 25 points in a basketball game. 


As parents we are always trying to set our kids up for success. Well, I am here to report there is more effective way to praise your children that will spark the growth mindset. 


The key is to praise your children for their effort. This encourages the growth mindset.


This concept should be on your mind when praising your kids. It will take effort to keep reminding yourself to do this. 

An example could be, “I saw you got an A on that test, I am really proud of you for the effort you put in to earn that, keep up the great work”.


The following is a summary of Dweck’s research on praising children:


“Educators commonly believe that praising students’ intelligence builds their confidence and motivation to learn and that students’ inherent intelligence is the major cause of their school achievement.”


Carol Dweck’s research shows that, on the contrary, praising students’ intelligence can be problematic. Praise is intricately connected to how students view their intelligence. 


Some students assume that intellectual ability is a fixed trait,that either they have it or they don’t. Students in this fixed mind-set seek tasks that prove their intelligence and avoid ones that they might struggle with. 

Praising students for their intelligence tends to promote the fixed mind-set. Other students believe that they can develop their intellectual ability through effort and education. They take on challenges and learn from them. 


Praising students for their effort encourages this growth mind-set. Interventions that make students aware of the plasticity of the brain and the malleable quality of intelligence motivate students by boosting their confidence in their ability to grow and learn.”


So go ahead and praise away, but praise for EFFORT not the end result. 


Have a great week,


Vince Gabriele

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