If You Just Did This Once a Week, Great Things Will Start to Happen

Do you get confused about your brand identity and if you’re putting out the right marketing message?  

Did you hire a branding expert that was a waste of money?  

Here is my grizzled fitness industry veteran advice to you.   

The easiest way you tell your community who you are and what you’re about is to do this  

Show them who you help and tell stories about those people  

When in doubt, talk about the happy people at your gym that have gotten results and overcome the challenges they had when they came in.   

In time, this will help you create an impactful marketing message. My job is to help you simplify things and this is the starting point. 

Here’s is what to do: 

Commit to highlighting one client per week for 52 weeks in a row.   

Tell their story, where were they before, where are they now, what obstacles they overcame. 

Every week, send it out via email and post on all your social media platforms. 

I cannot think of something you can do better for marketing.  

Many times, these posts get lots of engagement too. Their friends chime in, you respond to the comments. All this drives organic reach and it may even be worthy of a boost.   

It’s in your best interest to put some type of CTA in the post or email so people that are inspired by this can take action.   

I don’t have the time to tell you everything to do but this should give you a head start.   

You can learn the rest in Module 5 of the Surge program: 

  • You’ll learn how to build a system to collect these stories  
  • What questions to ask to build these stories  
  • What kind of pics to use  
  • How to use video very effectively  
  • How these can re-used in multiple ways  
  • When to know its right to boost them  
  • How to get a ton of organic engagement to these posts  
  • The best and WORST email subject lines to use when you send these  
  • I’ll also give you a template to build hard copy client showcases to put on the walls at your gym  


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P.S. There are 8 spots remaining in this program  

P.P.S The investment for this will go up dramatically very soon.   

Here is the LINK again:  



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