Intro to George McGuire

I’d like to introduce you to my client George McGuire.

He’s a gym owner, just like you and me.

He’s doing really well right now…but almost lost his business when the pandemic hit.

Here’s the text he sent me last week…

I feel like I send you one of these a month, but it’s because of the difference that this group, and you personally, have made…
As we enter into our 3rd month in a row of record breaking business I had to take a second to reflect…

A year ago my business was hanging by a thread. We were going into our 3rd month of mandatory lockdown, with no end in sight.

I was running virtual sessions 6 days a week from my living room. We were bleeding money, and every day another client was going on freeze or canceling.

Fast forward to just a year later…

Right now EVERY SINGLE SESSION is full with a waitlist.

I have raised my prices three times and the growth doesn’t stop. We have a steady stream of leads that convert into new members.

We sold out our 6-Week Challenge in a week, and most people are already talking about continuing on.

We are projecting to TRIPLE our monthly recurring revenue next month compared to when we came out of COVID.

Now I only need to be in the gym 3 days a week as it is starting to run without me.

And outside of the business, my wife and I were able to show enough income and make enough money to buy our 2nd multi-family investment property!

Of course there are countless intangibles that go along with being in the SPF Mastermind and the CEO Mastermind…

But I tell anyone who asks that there are specific strategic and tactical things that I took away from this group that are the reason I survived the pandemic and am thriving on the other side (or technically while still in it)!

Every single month I get a 2-3x ROI on my investment into the Mastermind MINIMUM.

Thank you Vince! You and this group have changed my business, my life, and my family’s life.

Hope this lit a fire for you today.

Vince Gabriele

P.S. If you need some help with your business….I’d love to chat with you more about the coaching I did with George.

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