It’s Always Your Fault When This Happens

The questions about leadership never come until gym owners start having people issues. 
Trainers not getting back to them on time. Front desk people not answering the phone the right way. Trainers doing things you think are stupid.
It’s going to happen to you like it does to everyone else. 
When this stuff happens, the inexperienced leader will blame the team member. 
They will bitch and complain that they don’t have any good people and they want to clean house. 
The inexperienced leader blames others.
The experienced leader blames themselves.
The great leader takes full responsibility for the performance of their team. 
After all, you hired them. 
You were the one that was supposed to train them.
You were the one that did not fulfill your agreement as a leader
This is leadership 101.
Take Full responsibility for the performance of others. 
If they fail, you did too. 
No more blaming, take ownership and you’re on your way to becoming a better leader. 
I hear this all the time from my mastermind members:
“I’m not a good leader”.
I get fired up when I hear this. They think leadership is something you have inside you, something you were born with.
It’s Not. 
Leadership is a skill and you can and MUST become a great leader if you want your business to grow. 
Many of you reading this are probably starting to take on a small leadership role.
My advice: Start with taking full responsibility of everything that happens. 
At the end of the day, it’s on you. 
Not everyone can handle this but I know you can.
The decision to be a business owner comes with the territory of learning to be a better leader. 
You would not have decided to take on all this risk of owning your own gym if you could not handle leading others to greatness
Step one is owning everything. 

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