It’s NOT a Marketing Problem!

Had yet another call with a gym owner…frustrated with her take-home salary.

She was doing a combo of 1-1 and a small group.

They wanted to do more small groups and booked the call with me to help them market small groups. 

Here’s something to think about:

When a client comes into PT with knee pain, the bad Physical therapist will work on the knee.

A good PT will work on the hip or the ankle.

The pain site is usually not the source. 

Same for this person.

They wanted more small groups because they thought it would bring in more money…and the 1-1s were burning her out.

So, in this case, the bad consultant would have given her strategies to market small groups.

A good consultant digs into the numbers…the only reality in our business. 

It turns out that even when their small group was 80% full, it still made less money than a 1-1 session.

Meaning…the pricing was a black hole and if she didn’t change it… they’d be treading water for years.

It’s not a marketing problem…it’s a broken model problem…specifically with her pricing 

This is something you cannot mess up…

Spending money on marketing only to funnel people into an unprofitable model is quite possibly…the biggest mistake any gym owner can make.

This is why when we sign a gym owner up for the SPF Mastermind we always have what we called the Profitable Model Call™ 

We have some lethal marketing skills to teach …but you don’t get em till you show us it’s going to make you some money when you fill the spots.

Further, I’ve also put together an annual seminar called Fitness Business Mastery to help combat this thorn in the side of so many gym owners. 

This live event helps gym owners make sure they are running a model that’s going to pay them what they deserve.

The seminar on December 3-5 tackles these 3 parts:

Day 1: Vince Gabriele’s Business Foundations: How To Structure Your Business and Time for Maximum Profits 

Day 2: Your Next 50 New Clients: How to Build a Sales and Marketing Machine that never stops 

Day 3: Business on Auto-Pilot: How to create the systems, team, and culture that work even when you’re on vacation. 

Imagine that. Spending a full day on each of these concepts.

Hold off on that MBA folks, if you own a gym and want a real-world business education from a grizzled Vet(me) you’ll want to be in of these seats. 

You’ll walk out of my gym in NJ on Day 3 ready to take on the world. 

The investment to get into this small event(only taking 20 gym owners)… is $3,000….

…But Super Early Bird Pricing is now available at a fraction of the investment above(expires 9/15)

There’s a LOT more to tell you about this event…

…If you’d like more info just reply with YES 

Vince Gabriele 

P.S. If you’re a gym owner…Whenever you’re ready, here’s 4 ways to work with me

1. Join the 6 Week New Client Surge LIVE starting on October 12th. 

The Surge is my flagship marketing course for gym owners that I teach live 2x per year. The goal after the 6 weeks is you have a full-blown marketing system installed into your gym. 

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2. Inquire about attending my Annual Fitness Business Mastery Seminar on December 3-5. 

Once per year I bring 20 gym owners behind the curtain of my gym for 3 full days to teach you everything…and show you everything…that we do to run one of America’s most successful gyms. 

The goal is you leave the seminar a smarter and more successful gym owner…that knows how to make money…but spends a LOT less time making it. 

This Seminar is NOT available to purchase online….

For more details…

Email with SEMINAR in the subject to book a call, the only way into this event is via a personal call with me. 

3. Be a guest at my next LIVE SPF Mastermind Event on November 12-13. 

For each mastermind meeting, I allow 5 non-members to purchase guest passes to our 2-day private workshops. You’ll get to test drive the mastermind, meet the members and then decide for yourself if we’re the right group for you. 

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4. Become a Private Coaching Client 

Each year I work with a handful of 1-1 clients and have a spot remaining for private client work. This is NOT for newbie gym owners but if you’re cranking out strong six figures and need the leadership coaching to take it to 7 figures this is for you.

Emai l with “Private Client” in the subject and we’ll hop on a call to see if this is the right fit.

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