Legendary Business Coach Passes The Torch

Hello Everyone,

I have seen more change in the industry in the last three years than I have in my entire over-forty-year run.

Major chains collapsed, over thirty percent of all gyms closed during the virus years, home fitness rose to cult status…

…then faded back into expensive racks to dry your underwear on, and the high-end training gym quietly became the future of the fitness business for a client neglected by all other business models.

And as most of you know, I became part of the long dance of change myself by retiring from the workshop world at the end of 2021.

After forty years, I finally decided I had seen enough hotel rooms and airport lounges. Time to go home—time to let someone else fill the education gap.

There are many people out there scrambling to take over education in the industry, but very few I trust or would recommend to those who’ve followed me in the past.

One of those I do believe is part of the future of this industry is my old friend, and long-time client, Vince Gabriele.

I met Vince many years ago, when he first started in the fitness business.

Even early on, he proved he had a sense of business, but more importantly to me, he was an ethical man who always did the right thing with his staff and those who followed him early in his career.

In this business, there are too many seeking the fast dollar, willing to hurt anyone to make a few bucks in the process.

Vince was one who put staff, clients, and friends above personal gain, something that impressed me way back during our first call, and he has run his business that way ever since.

I asked Vince to mail this list from the NFBA. Most of you on this list have been with me for years, and I know many of you are seekers, always looking for the next idea or technique to help your business grow.

I think Vince is one who is willing to help, through education, workshops, and other offerings that provide the right tools and knowledge for an operator in the training-end of the industry who is looking for a way forward.

Vince is going to send you a series of emails based upon pure education, meaning ideas to help you in your business with no pitch or hidden agenda… the way I tried to do it for so many decades.

Eventually he will offer you a few different ways to work with him personally…if you get a chance I hope you consider it and get involved to learn more and keep your business growing.

Thank you everyone, it was a wild ride for so many years…

…but it’s time for change, and I think Vince is one who is leading the industry into its next era.

Thom Plummer

P.S. Here is Vince’s website so you can learn a little more about him


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