Looks Like Tarzan…Plays Like Jane

There’s a saying that was used when I played college football called “Looks like Tarzan…plays like Jane.”

What this meant was that there were guys that were completely jacked…had muscles coming out of their ears and could bench press a small car…

…but when they got out on the field, they played soft.

This is kind of like gyms that have lots of revenue and no profit.

Revenue is great and you should focus on driving it…but not if it means you won’t make any profit.

I’ve seen gyms that do 1.2 million in revenue…but have less profit than a well-run gym that does $500,000 in revenue.

Sad but true.

As I said yesterday, step one is embracing the numbers and truly looking at what is happening.

When you’re blind to this…you cannot make any progress.

Once you embrace the fact that you’re not as profitable as you’d like…

…There’s a handful of key lever to help you drive more profit.

One of them is Price.

Most gym owners don’t want to touch this with a 10 foot pole …but it’s the fastest way to drive profits.

I talked a Texas gym owner into raising his prices after he pushed back on me hard.

The result was a ridiculous increase in profit that literally appeared in his account overnight.

Only when you get past the emotional part of price…will you drive up your profits.

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