Make A Beeline For Success By Skipping The Stupidest Gym Owner Mistakes

Back when I started training athletes I was looking for resources to help them get stronger and faster because I was disappointed in the results I was getting as a trainer.

There was no strategy behind anything I was doing…people would show up, I would keep them moving for an hour and they would leave.

I found a dvd series called functional strength coach and it changed the way I did everything as a trainer.

I went from a trainer that had a bag of tricks to a trainer that got results.

I no longer trained my athletes by the seat of my pants and instead had a plan for each of them and executed that plan.

The results went through the roof and I quickly went from inexperienced beginner trainer to being booked solid all day, every day.

I got so busy I was turning down NFL athletes that wanted to train with me.

I credit the training skills I acquired from Mike Boyle and his DVD series as the biggest driver of my success.

As a gym owner I went through the same progression.

I started as a bag of tricks business owner.

I had no vision or plan for business success.

I just threw stuff against the wall and hoped it would work.

Then I started learning business skills like marketing, sales, finance, time management, and leadership, and my life changed.

When I opened my gym I did not have the skills I needed to be successful in business…just like I didn’t have the skills to be a great trainer when I started.

If you want to move to the next level in your business…there are business skills you need to learn and master.

The problem is…there was no one telling you about this when you opened your gym…and like many people, you had to find out the hard way.

Learning by trial and error is one of the worst strategies in business especially if there are places you can go to figure out how to be successful now.

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