marketing in the newspaper

If you’ve heard the phrase email is dead, then what could these idiots be saying about advertising in the newspaper. 

After all, who still reads the newspaper?

When I first opened my gym in 2007, there was a local newspaper that everyone read.

It went out of business.

I never again even knew another newspaper existed.

Well, I just moved into a new home and one of the first pieces of mail I got was an old school black and white newspaper called Berkeley Heights Community News.

It was SUPER short, like 6 pages and a combo of community articles and ads from very local businesses.

I started looking through and thought to myself I wonder if our clients read this rag.

I posted on the private Facebook forum of our members and asked them.

Turns out, lots of them read it cover to cover…way more than I thought.

In further research, I realized that there was one of these newspapers for every town!

I looked into advertising and the price shocked me.

It was dirt cheap. 

I took out a full 2-page center spread in 6 of the towns to test it out.

I knew if I went big on the first one and nothing came from it that it was a waste.

It cost me $1800 bucks.

The results so far have been magnificent.

We have generated over 30 leads and have done over $3,000 in sales…and they are STILL coming according to our GM…From the newspaper!!!

That $3,000 in sales does not include if those people become repeat customers…but there’s a VERY good chance they will be because my team is outstanding.

Which means this $3,000 will just continue to grow…making my $1800 investment a NO brainer. 

Plus, we still have several of the leads that came through that have not converted…YET. 

Now, I’m willing to bet that none of the other advertisers have gotten results like this…because they have no clue how to actually write an ad.

So, the point here is not for you to run out and splatter your logo and website in the local paper, no no no…that’ll be a colossal waste of funds.

Listen, if you want to have success at this…you gotta follow some rules.

Rule #1: Strong Headline (this is the ad for the ad)

Rule #2: Make it look like community news (we used a negative headline)

Rule #3: Clear call to action (we used a QR Code and a clear URL)

Rule #4: Give a reason to respond now (showed limited spaces and a start date)

I honestly think the best thing would be for you to see that actual ad we ran, would you agree?

Want to see it? 

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Vince Gabriele 

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