Marketing Plan for this Fall

Did you plan out what you’re going to do for Marketing this Fall? 

I talk a ton about marketing on here 

But the reality is all the marketing you learn is only as good as what gets done

This is why, today, if you have NOT already, need to start thinking about the Fall and have a plan mapped out for what you’re going to do for marketing

First, decide how many leads you need to get in order to get the number of clients you want in the fall months

If you don’t know how to get this number, hit me back here and I’ll go over it with you but its important that you know what the desired outcome is

Than look at what happened this period last year

What did you have success with last fall that you need to repeat?

What bombed and is something you won’t repeat

Then, list out what’s coming up 

September is back to school

This means a ton of people are out of shape

They travel, BBQ and get off their regular routines more in the summer than any other time

This is something that you need to know and to build a lot of your marketing around it

This is knowing who your customer is

Once you decide what to do its time to make sure its documented somewhere

It doesn’t matter where, but you need it down and you need someone in charge to make sure it get done

Hopefully this gives you the kick you need to make sure your hitting labor day with a plan to get things cranking 


P.S. I’ll be teaching you how to do this in detail on October 19th, LIVE at my gym in New Jersey, hit me back for more info.\

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