Meet Eric Driver

This industry is filled with many one hit wonders.

The 22 year old gym business guru in the 3 piece suit(as my man John Russin says) reports about how they got this gym owner 337 in 3 days. 

…but you never hear the rest of the story.

You never hear most of them never converted.

You never hear about the financial troubles these gym owners got themselves in after investing in something that was supposed to help them!

You never hear about where they are 1 year later and you really never hear about where they are 2 years later.

 Well, here’s a different story, a true story.

…Two Years ago, Michigan Gym Owner Eric Driver was looking for jobs and ready to throw in the towel.

He was tired of the grind and tired of not seeing his bank account grow. 

He joined the SPF Mastermind as a last ditch effort to save it.

The SPF Mastermind is NOT a lead flood/quick fix type of program. 

It’s a program that transforms personal trainers into successful gym owners. 

…6 months later, he went from 80—160 clients.

In his full first year of the SPF Mastermind he grew his business 50%.

 …which is incredible considering he was in business for close to 8 years. 

But what would happen after would truly amaze me.

In his second year, he grew another 45%! 

No gimmicks, no tricks. 

Just an education on how to be a better business owner.

An education that will last Eric a lifetime in any business he decided to embark on. 

If you’re tired of all the quick fix programs, all the empty promises, the fake testimonials, the rented cars and mansions and the gurus that became gurus because they couldn’t run their own gym…

Maybe a different approach is in order?

Vince Gabriele

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