At our last Mastermind meeting there is always a period when I give the members a chance to talk about their biggest takeaway from the meeting.

Here are a few of them to swipe, think about or just spark some additional ideas for you…Enjoy!

1.  Don’t ask HOW can we get this done when proposed with an idea…. instead say, “WOW, that’s a great idea!” Asking How are we going to get this done destroys all possible creativity.

2.  Don’t Get Overwhelmed Get Excited: It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you go to a seminar or workshop.  I challenged the members to no allow themselves to get overwhelmed but to exchange it for excitement for all the possibilities.

3.   Facebook is a great tool for lead generation and a bad one for trying to get people to buy a personal training membership.

4.  Read the Book the Slight Edge…because Mike Boyle said so.

5.  Staff Training could be the most important investment you make in your business.

6.  Have several ways you make money, not just one.

7.  Having a systematized trainer onboarding strategy is key because people make the decision to stay with your company in the first 90-days.

8.  Continue to build a bank of marketing assets that can be re-used…this makes a business more valuable.

9.  Joint Ventures are worth every ounce of time you spend on them.

10.  Keepcaffeine under 300 mg/day and eat more blueberries.

11.  If you want to generate leads on Facebook, narrow your market, then do it again.

12.  Local Authority and Celebrity will make gym owners rich.

13.  Your website is your most foundational part of your marketing plan.

14.  Find the places where your business is leaking money….and stop it immediately.

15.  Blocking time away to work ON the business and pull myself out of the day to day is worth the price of this group.

Hope some of these hit home for you,

Vince Gabriele

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