My 5 takeaways from the Durkin Mentorship

This past weekend I spoke at Todd Durkins Mentorship.

I had a great time presenting on building a team and was excited to get so many great questions after my presentation. I met some great people this weekend.

The best part was reconnecting with my friends in my mastermind group: Vito, Trish, Ashley, Brent, Trina, and Trish

We all were slated to speak and I was really proud of each of them for the awesome job they did.

Being part of MM groups are so valuable. I was anxious to hear all of them speak and got some great insight.

Here are 5 Takeways I got from the weekend

  1. Get a Journal and write in it everyday. Journaling is like freeing your mind. Go out and buy a nice one and write for 5-10 minutes each morning. I just bought one at Barnes and Noble, the nicer the journal the more effective the journaling, I got a Moleskine. -I am going to record accomplishments, daily learning, gratitude and get negative things off my mind.
  2. Success is Not convenient expect to make sacrifices along the way. Many times we look at the schedules of very successful people and think I need to sleep more, take more vacations and spend more time with my family. Please remember most people that have had success have made sacrifices along the way to get to this point.
  3. Focus on 6 main roles in your life. If you have many more you probably are not that good at them.
    Here are Mine: Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Leader, Coach, Speaker.
  4. There are 3 jobs of a website: 1)Deliver Value 2)Collect Leads and 3) Make Money. Vito Lafata from is one very smart dude.
  5. Brent Gallager from West U Fit just wrote a book titled purpose that I will be buying the day it comes out. Take a look.

It was an honor to present and the scenery could not have been nicer being at the Torrey Pines Hilton, looking over the water and golf course.

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