My Accountant told me I was crazy

Here’s a quick story from Vince Gabriele about when he was a 20-something kid who dreamed of owning a gym facility.  He asked his accountant for his thoughts and he flat out said, don’t do it. He assured him that opening a 3,000 square foot facility was a bad investment. 

A few weeks later, Vince went back to his accountant, and said he was opening a 6,000 sq ft facility.  His accountant wanted to throw him out. Regardless, Vince did it anyway, why…because he believed in himself, his dream, his vision.  He wasn’t going to play small. His good friend told him to invest in himself, and he did.  

10 years later, Vince is a successful 7-figure gym owner, who’s gym runs completely independent of him. He now spends his time coaching gym owners from around the country. Helping them believe in themselves and invest in themselves.

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