My Accountant Verbally Abused Me

In 2008…when I was a 28-year-old kid, I left my full-time job with benefits to open my own gym. 

I found a perfect 3,000 square foot gym and was ready to start my empire. 
I asked my accountant for his thoughts and he flat out said, 

“Don’t Do It!!!”

“Don’t you know there is a recession right now?”
“Don’t you even read the news kid?
“People are losing their jobs left and right and you’re going to start a business right now???”

Listen to the Full Story of my accountant trying to halt my dreams here.

It’s much more entertaining when I tell the story on the podcast…

He assured me that opening a 3,000 square foot facility was a bad investment because I had no business background and no experience. 

So I decided to not take on that location. 

A few weeks later, I went back to my accountant and said I was opening a 6,000 sq ft facility…whether he liked it or not. 

He looked at me and said no words, but I could tell he thought I was crazy. 

The rest is history and it turned out to be the best decision of my life. 

Be careful who you listen to.

The accountant had great intentions…to protect me from failing.

But the burning desire I had to succeed completely annihilated any chance of failure. 

Listen to the Full Story here

Vince Gabriele 

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