My Honest Opinion on “Done For You”

Yesterday I dropped my 2 girls off at summer camp. 

It’s a Christian sleepaway camp and we’ll have no contact with them, outside of snail mail letters.

They will not have access to any electronics or TV.

Thank the Lord!

My wife cried on the way home. 

I was definitely a little choked up too as they are only 8 and 9 years old.

But we talked on the way home about how important it is for our girls to become independent.

Our goal as parents is for them to be able to be on their own someday, and signing them up for camps like this is part of that process.

The same goes for how it works with gym owners.

I’m not a huge “done for you guy.

I see the value with some of it, but honestly want to teach gym owners to be better business owners.

You don’t become better at the business when everything is done for you.

Instead, what I focus on is helping gym owners think for themselves. 

To be able to see their financials and ask the right questions. 

To be able to know how to get their marketing going when it’s slow. 

To know what to do when their best trainer quits and they need to find another ASAP.

No “done for you” newsletter templates will do this for you. 

Thinking is a learned skill, and I spent a ton of time coaching my clients on how to think strategically versus trying to solve every problem with a Facebook ad.

The goal is that at some point you don’t need me for more business advice…

..But some of my guys have been with me for 4 years.

Haven’t they learned it all yet?

Well, of course they have. 

But the real value they get is being reminded of what they already know.

Here’s how I can tell a gym owner that’s going to have mediocre success:

They say things like “Yeah yeah, we do that already.”

Or “Yeah yeah, I’ve heard that before.”

These are the gym owners that just don’t get it.

The ones that have the most success are the ones that are constantly curious and never closed off to new outlooks on the same things.

Many of these guys are coming to New Jersey this week for our first In-Person Mastermind meeting since March 2020.

I’ve got a ton of stuff planned…and I’ll even be teaching things they’ve heard before.

Vince Gabriele 

P.S. The guest passes for this event are sold out but if you’d like to join us at our next meeting in November, you can get more info here.

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