my recurring dream

I played football at Temple from 1998-2001.

I was an offensive guard that weighed 296 pounds and benched pressed 455 pounds.

I was fit, in shape, and spent lots of time studying film to get ready for games.

Admittingly, I was not a great player but did manage to start 9 games in my career…which I decided to end early after a broken leg and no juice left in the tank for the 5th year.

So back to my dream…

The dream goes like this: I’m getting ready for an upcoming game.

I’m starting at right guard and everything is going fine.

Until I realize I’m playing the game today…at the size I am right now.

Currently, I’m 220 pounds, have an embarrassing bench press, and although I stay in shape…I’m not in football condition.

In the dream, everyone around me just acts normal, like I’m the 300 pound Vinny(what they used to call me)

I’m the only one panicking about going against a 300-pound D-lineman light and weak.

The dream always ends in the huddle.

We break the huddle for the first play.

I run to the line of scrimmage, see my opponent about to crush me…and I wake up…

My dream was highlighting me not being prepared.

Now, I have no idea what this means in my real life, and if any dream readers or anything like that does know, maybe fill me in.

But I just spent the weekend with 50 gym owners who all spent time becoming more prepared business owners.

At the event, I walked through the 10 reasons why gym owners really struggle in business…

…#7  was underdeveloped business skills

There are skills we need as successful business owners.

Leadership, Marketing, Financial Literacy, Sales, Hiring, and management to name a few.

The reason why most gym owners get stuck after their first 100 clients or their first 200K in revenue…is underdeveloped business skills.

Developing you as a business owner and mastering the skills listed above is what we do here.

Vince Gabriele

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