New Thing I’m Using To Get More Members

I have very good news for gym owners today.

The new way I’m getting more clients right now is by maximizing something called Google My Business Profile.

I had no clue what this was until my resident Tech Nerd told me all about it.

Your Google My Business listing is the first thing people will see (hopefully) when they’re looking to buy personal training in their local area.

I don’t have time to get into telling you how to set it up the right way in this email but…

…From one gym to another, you need to set up your Google My Business profile the right way.

The Tech Nerd told me: “Vince, there’s one thing gym owners royally screw up on with their Google my business profile”.

They categorize themselves as a gym and not as personal trainer.

Think about it.

Are you a gym?

Gyms are where people go to sit on machines and take all kinds of awful classes with 75 people in them (not anymore).

No, you’re not a gym.

You’re a personal trainer.

And even if you do own a large box gym here’s one piece of advice:

Get into the personal training business as fast as you can.

Anyway, back to the Google My Business thing.

There’s a setting that shows you how to categorize your business, be sure to select personal trainer and not a Gym.

Here’s why you need to scurry on over to Mr. Google and get this profile filled out.

Google is the most forgotten way to get more clients in the fitness industry.

We’re the only idiots (me included) that ignore the largest search engine on the planet and don’t use it as one of (if not the most) viable sources to get new clients.

Every other industry is like…Duh!!!

Don’t get stuck in 2014 and think Facebook will save your gym, that ship has sailed.

Just yesterday, LEO, The Gabriele Fitness GM barged into my office and told me he just closed $4,000 in new sales.

No lifetime value crap either.

He literally charged the cards for that amount above.

The sales were from 3 people which is another lesson itself.

My marketing mind always asks, where did the new clients come from.

His reply…

They came in through the website.

How’d they get to the website?

Yup. Google.

Well, if you read thus far and didn’t move on to the next lousy boring email pedaling their stuff with no value to you…than I have a gift (sort of).

On Tuesday, my resident Tech Nerd took the liberty to create a mini course on EVERYTHING you need to do to make sure your Google My Business profile is up to snuff.

This mini course is super short but the changes the Tech Nerd will have you make will yield you oodles of new members.

You have 2 ways to get the Google My Business Profile Set-Up Mini Course

1.  You can buy the mini course for a hefty $497…

2.  Join the marketing master insiders club for $1 and get access to the course once you get inside

Here’s the link to get in:

If you’d rather pay the $497, just hit reply and I’ll send you a link to purchase it.

Vince Gabriele

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