Not Doing This Makes You Lose Money

Just curious, who answers the phone in your gym?

Many times, people leave this very important job just to administrative positions.

They treat this like an admin responsibility but it couldn’t be further from that.

This is sales.

This is the first step in the leads process.  This impression is a huge first step in getting customers to come in the door.

Now, I’m not saying you should answer your own phone, I still think an admin type person should do this job but with one very important ingredient.

You train them to be a sales person.

When you train them, it is the first step and the most important process that is going to be the deciding factor if your gym succeeds or fails.

Anything that important must have two parts:

1.    A script
2.    Role playing or training

The script tells them how to answer the phone and where to direct them, What questions to ask, and finally what the end result should be of that call.

For us, the end result is booking a consultation, that’s it. All of our front desk team knows and works hard to book that appointment.

The training is how YOU work with your front desk team so they can be better at it.

Can you imagine never working with your trainers to become better at cueing or program design?

I know gym owners spend time on this but what about your sales process, specifically the initial contact.  How much time do we spend on that process trying to make it better and improve the percentage of people that come in the door?

In my experience, not much.

Let’s say right now for every 12 calls you get, 6 come in for a consultation on a weekly basis.

You turn 3 of the 6 people that come in for a consult into annual members at an average value of $4,000 per sale.

Here is the math on improving 10% in both categories:

Instead of 6 meetings we get 7.

Instead of 3 contracts we get 4, the value goes from $12,000 to $16,000 per week.

The net increase of 10% gets us 1 additional contract a week, 52 per year equating to…. wait for it, $208,000 per year in increased revenue, not bad for 10%.

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