Not to Be Dramatic…But I Saw This Coming

Not trying to be dramatic today, but it may seem that way…

A day didn’t go by that I didn’t get someone forwarding me a new update on the death of brick and mortar gyms.

They sent me articles on the Peloton stock, the new Apple Fit thing, the number of options for online personal trainers and “things will never be the same” type articles. 

I never believed one of them. 

I was completely convinced that we would return to full strength, and in many cases…become stronger than before…as several of my emails last year stated.

One of the mantras I preached since March 15, 2020, to my private clients was to take the down time and get your business organized better…because we will be back.  

I told them to make sure they made their business better today, so that when we get back, which we will, you’ll have a better business than you had before.

Here’s a few things I demanded of them…

“Cover up any holes that are leaking money.” 

“Do NOT under any circumstance exit this pandemic with a team member you wanted to fire before this thing started.”

“You must focus on getting more from less.”

“Knowing the capacity in every session is crucial info for maximum profits.”

“Learn how to think so you can make better decisions for your business.”

“Ask the question: Who can get this done for me?“

“Fix anything broken or that needs refreshing in your gym.”

There was a lot more advice I gave, but this gives you an idea. 

Well, the less dramatic part is that my own gym Gabriele Fitness, in Berkeley Heights, is back to 2019 revenue marks and June is trending to exceed 2019 numbers.

The best part, many of the gyms in my Mastermind are experiencing the same results. 

There are fear mongers everywhere. 

Several gym owners were spooked by them and closed their doors.

Now they’re swimming in a sea of online personal trainers, trying to get clients that want nothing to do with Zoom, training in their living room, or you writing them a “program.”

They want to go to the gym.


Because they happen to be human beings.

They crave being around other people. 

Long live the Gym! 

If you kept your gym…and need some help getting on track…

I’m doing a presentation for my Insiders Club this Thursday at 12 PM EST titled: 

The 5 Things Working Well Right Now for Gym Owners

Would you like to join us?

Vince Gabriele

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