Nothing is More Interesting Than Trouble

I was listening to a podcast and heard this quote.

“Nothing is more interesting than trouble”

Think about all the info you’ve put out there, what has gotten the biggest response?

I’ll give you an example.

One of my highest open rates ever was an email I wrote about two people getting into a fight at Trader Joe’s.

Literally two people started fighting and screaming because of their place on line at TJ’s.

The response from my readers was incredible.

People are drawn to drama.

Here’s another tidbit that will guide your content this year and make you less unhappy about bad stuff that happens to you.

“Everything that happens to you in your life is an email”

People ask me, mainly my mother, how I churn out so much content.

The answer…I make connections to stuff I see, read, hear, experience and relate that to your life (life of a gym owner).

All of your experiences, both good and more effectively, bad, are opportunities to make money and help people.

  • The Guy That Bashed You On IG
  • The time you stopped working out
  • The time you had a mental breakdown
  • The period of insomnia you went though
  • The fender bender you got in
  • The relationship problem you had

They are all opportunities for you to create lessons for your clients/prospects, strengthen relationships and get them to be more intrigued to buy from you.

Keep your head up, listen, read, ask questions, be curious and recognize the endless ocean of content that surrounds you.

Then, always remember people are more drawn to trouble than anything else.

Once you understand this mindset, you’ll dominate!

Vince Gabriele

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