Panic attack

I may be late to the game on this but I listened to a podcast with a guy named Dan Harris, who is a news anchor and author of a book titled 10% Happier.

After a long stint as a combat reporter in Afghanistan, he was covering for someone on a very well-known morning show.

Just as he was about to report the news, he had a legit panic attack, literally on the air. The entire world saw it. 

At first, it was as if his career was over. 

But it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.

The panic attack drove him to seek out answers to why this happened.

This led him to meditation.

Which brought him to create a company that’s helping a ton of people live better lives through meditation. 

My therapist, yes I have a therapist, always tells me that your best days are your worst days.

If this is true…and I believe it is, then we no longer need to panic or freak out when bad stuff happens. 

The Stoics have a line called Amor Fati, which means love your fate.  

This is the attitude in which one sees everything that happens in life, including suffering, as good or at the very least necessary. 

Man, what I would have given to have learned this when I started my business and even when I started life. 

This is an attitude I’ll work hard to teach my kids.

So, whatever shit is hitting your fan right now…

  • Leads Slow
  • Team Members Quitting
  • Going back and forth about renewing a lease
  • Clients terminating their memberships
  • Gossip at your gym
  • Lawsuit
  • Problems with your landlord
  • Checking account dangerously low

Just know that these things are not happening to you, they’re happening for you…

…so you can learn and grow into being a better business owner…and better person. 

Owning a business is the ultimate way to become a better human being, as long as you don’t let it destroy you along the way…which happens. 

But when you arm yourself with an attitude that embraces the bad stuff…as inherently good…you’re on your way.

It’s still a work in progress for me…

Vince Gabriele 

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