Personal Letter

Yesterday I was interviewed on a podcast called Fitstory.

I showed up thinking it was another podcast asking me about the future of the fitness business.

It was nothing like that.

Before recording…he asked me if I was open to going really deep into my past…and possibly talking about things I’ve never talked about on a public forum.

I agreed and played full out.

It was more a therapy session for me as opposed to a podcast for gym owners.

But after I realized it was the perfect podcast for gym owners.

I talked about issues I had with comparing myself to my dad.

I talked about dealing with anxiety.

I talked about the challenges of balancing family and business.

I talked about focus and how my lack of focus destroyed my productivity.

I got as real and as open as I possibly could…at some points I was like…What am I doing?

I pushed through because I know you are probably going through,  or have gone through similar challenges.

Some people see me and think I’ve got it all together and always have.

They see a successful gym, the growing mastermind, a marketing agency that thrived through a pandemic and the wife with 3 kids…

But I’ve got my demons, and have had my share of really challenging parts of my life…most of them during my career in the fitness industry.

I recently read a quote from one of my mentors that said this:

“No one is as clever as you think, no matter how rich, famous or important…they’re all just as frightened, just as skeptical and just as worried about being judged as you are, and in accepting that fact, therein lies all of your life’s leverage and chance to get ahead.”

We all got stuff.

I know I do.

But there’s one revelation I’ve had that keeps me going.

It’s that all of your stuff is where all the growth lives.

Your insecurity is the path to your confidence.

Your fears are the path to your courage.

Your anxiety is the path to calm.

The moment you start to embrace all of life’s problems and challenges as gifts, learning and an opportunity for progress…you’ll be off to the races.

Vince Gabriele

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