Podcast Episode 029: The Worst # in Marketing

There is a panic in the air among gym owners and much of it can be led back to relying on one way to generate leads.

The typical culprit lately is Facebook but there have been several others.

When you rely on one method to generate leads you leave your business very vulnerable

Most things do not work forever and it’s up the gym owner to have the marketing savvy to be able to light a spark when needed.

The secret I have used for my own gym and the one I teach to my Mastermind to generate consistent leads is called the marketing glove.

The marketing glove is having 5 different ways to generate leads.  

Here is a sample of the 5 ways I teach my Mastermind members to own their marketing that may be different than what these marketing “gurus” are pedaling to you.

The one thing you can be sure of is, everything you learn on this podcast is tested and proven from 10 years and counting in the trenches running my own gym:

  1. Building a referral machine to get more clients from the clients you have
  2. Paid digital marketing​ and how to learn about spending money to get new clients
  3. Email and social media mastery
  4. How to Win Big with Joint ventures
  5. Event marketing that gets people inside your walls that never would of come otherwise

It’s all unpacked in this episode.



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