Positive Covid Case Letter to Clients

A local business in my area is getting crushed on social media with how they’ve been handling the Covid-19 situation.

The negative press they are getting has been way worse for their business than if they just handled it the right way initially.

Just like you…I’m running a gym.

Last week we had a positive case reported at my gym.

We’ve been doing everything by the book…masks, social distancing and very strict cleaning polices…and we still had a case.

It’s largely out of your control but you can control how you handle and respond to it.

After we found out about the positive case…we addressed our members in a letter and the process went close to flawless.

We did have one member a little disgruntled but after a phone call from me personally we made the relationship even stronger.

These are tough times right now but it’s imperative to keep your wits about you and not panic.

You cannot completely control the outcome here just your response.

I sent an email to our members that explained the situation and how we were handling it…in addition to our staff personally calling others that were in the gym at the same time.

I realize that there is no perfect rule book to follow here and your lawyers are just telling you to aid on the side of caution…which I don’t disagree with.

I’ve been on the phone advising gym owners in my Mastermind what to do in these types of situations daily.

I cannot imagine going through this alone and not having a support group to lean on during a time like this.

Check out some of the options to be advised by me and my team to help you in these crazy times.

Vince Gabriele

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