Results from My Most Profitable New Ad

Well, I thought the ad I wrote for the March newspaper in my town was going to break the record…but the ad I wrote in May is off to a massive start…with over 20 leads and 5 sales totaling over 5K…on the first day!

Lucky for the members of the SPF Mastermind I’ll be unpacking the deep thought process behind this game changing ad in our weekly call.

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So, here is some insight into what I did differently in this ad.

After looking through our local community news, I noticed there were articles about things like students getting into the honor society or becoming an Eagle Scout.  

They would put headshot style pictures of the people they were talking about, and would have anywhere from 5 -15 headshots.

Think Brady Bunch or the newer version…a Zoom call.  

These types of things get read.

Parents are looking for their kids, to see if they were highlighted.

Other people are simply curious if they know the people in the pics.

The ads in this paper are skipped over…but these…these are read.

So, I took this strategy and made my ad look exactly like this…

We took head shots of kids in our program, and put their picture in the newspaper…we did not use their names for privacy considerations.

Here is the lesson…

Your ad should NOT look like an ad.

This goes for any media you decide to use: newspaper, facebook, etc.

The more it looks like an ad…the more resistant there will be.

So, what do you do?

Look at everything that is NOT an ad…and make it look like that.

I used heavy sales copy and images in the ad.


Because all the community articles only have two things…

Pictures and copy.

I even had a marketing expert say to me…

“The ad was good…heavy copy though.”


The only thing that matters here is the result.

And my heavy copy ads are crushing any other ad put in this paper….that’s a bet I’m willing to make.

The more your marketing does not look like marketing the better you’ll do.

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Vince Gabriele

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