Slump Busting Marketing Idea

About 8 years into owning my gym, I hit a wall. 

My revenue was flat.  I was forced to lay off staff members and was completely burned out. 

I needed to do something drastic to inject some life into my business and myself. 

I got an idea from a friend to run a giveaway for my personal training gym. 

The idea was to give away 6-weeks of personal training for free to 4 people. 

I had never done anything like this and honestly was hesitant. 

Since I was desperate, I ran the campaign and have never looked back. 

The campaign brought in 400 people that filled out a 2 page application to be selected. 

We selected 4 out of the 400 as the winners and had 396 people still interested in something…Immediately we brought in 30 new members…each paying $400/month for small group training…on annual contracts. 

But something pretty incredible happened at the same time…we selected a local woman named Cathy Balsamo as our winner. 

She had a long history of hating exercise, eating twinkies and a laundry list of health problems…which made her the perfect person for this project. 

The plan was to record her progress on social media over the 6-weeks and create a mini documentary. 

Well, Cathy ended up losing 25 pounds in the 6-weeks and her story went viral. She continued after the 6-weeks and lost a total of 83 pounds over the next few months.  

This created a buzz in my community like nothing I had ever seen.  She became a celebrity and in turn, my gym became the most talked about place in the entire area. 

The fame for Cathy did not stop locally.  She was contacted by Oprah, Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray, Women’s World Magazine and several other national publications. 

Close to 7 years later…people still call us and say I want to get results like Cathy B. 

It’s been a business game changer and is a campaign we use 2x per year. 

As a business coach for gym owners I’ve taught this to many of my clients who have used this method with similar success as noted above. 

Here are the steps to follow to run this campaign:  

Step 1: Decide on Your Offer: Create an offer that people will draw a ton of attention. We’ve always had massive success with free and value stack the heck out of it. 

Step 2: Create the Marketing plan: Promote this offer for 2-3 weeks on email and social media. 

Step 3: Select the winners: Pick people you think will have good stores that will be engaging.

Step 4: Convert leads into members Reach out to the people that did not win with an offer to train at your gym or studio. 

Step 5: Share the stories of your winners on social media throughout the time they’re with you 

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Vince Gabriele 

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