Small Group Training Mastermind

If you own a gym and you do small group training…or aspire to add small group training into your business…

…I run a one-of-a-kind Mastermind that has 53 gym owners…who ALL do small group training.

Each week, we talk about stuff like How To…

  • …Transition from Large group to Small Group
  • …Move from all 1-1 to mostly Small Group
  • …Launch a Pre-Sale for Small Group
  • …Market Small Group
  • …Schedule Small Group
  • …Program Small Group
  • …Sell Small Group
  • …Price Small Group
  • …Arrange Your Facility for Small Group
  • …Select What Equipment to Use for Small Group
  • …Attract the Best Clients for Small Group
  • …Train and Hire Staff to Run Small Group

If you’d like to learn moreor be a guest at my next mastermind meeting next month…go here.

Vince Gabriele

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