Stop Using Semi-Private Training Immediately

The clients you are trying to get to buy from you don’t care whether you have semi private, small group, HIIT classes, etc. 


They only care about this one very important question: 


Are you the gym that can solve my problem?” 


In helping dozens of gym owners in the last few months transition from 1-1 to small group training I keep getting the same push back. 


The push back comes from this:  


If I have small group, and large group and still do some 1-1, I will have trouble marketing all of the programs.  




You don’t market your program. 


You don’t market small group personal training. 


You market with 2 very important things: 

  1. You speak to a very specific group of people that have a specific problem they want solved. The goal is them to read your marketing and say this is for me because this gym gets me.  

  1. You show proof that people just like them have solved those problems with your help.  

It’s never about what you do. 

’s always about who youre trying to bring into your gym. 


​Start putting yourself in their shoes and you’ll start winning with your marketing. 


This could be the most important email you’ve read from me. 


Want to spend 6 weeks with me learning about how to implement a real marketing system into your business? 


Everyone else seems to be selling a shortcut to marketing. 


It is quite sad people are spending all of their money on a one trick pony that they are using as a hail Mary to get their marketing on track. 


This never works long term.  


If you’re looking for a shortcut kind of marketing program this one’s NOT for you.  


If you are looking to have control over your marketing so you can always be in a position to generate leads and NOT rely on some agency, this is for you. 


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Have a great Sunday 




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