The 2 Marketing Tactics Working Best at My Gym Right Now

I’m writing this email to you as a gym owner, not a business coach. 

As a business coach I have the luxury of seeing what is working from 50 different gyms all across the world. 

But today is about telling you exactly what’s working at my gym, Gabriele Fitness in Berkeley Heights, NJ.

This is not to say we’re only doing 2 things for marketing, we’re doing more, but these 2 are what’s been bringing us the most leads on a regular basis. 

  • Our Website

Our website is pumping out high quality leads daily with people that are ready to buy.

It never used to work this good,  in fact it was kind of a black hole.

I never even counted it as a viable source to get new clients.

Until I hired the Tech Nerd to overhaul it. 

I don’t even fully understand everything he did, but let’s just say he threw some Tech Nerd pixy dust on our website…and like magic it started spitting out leads, good ones.

Here’s what I know he addressed:  

  • Website speed: he made sure we were the fastest site in our area 
  • He updated our Google My Business profile
  • He did some SEO magic that drove a ton more traffic to the site (this cost me some dough)
  • Had us do some weird stuff regarding our reviews 

But I can’t give the Tech Nerd all the credit. 

I did a few things myself.

  • I did a copy overhaul that highlighted the problems of our market 
  • Changed the offer from free consultation to free week
  • Added a bunch more testimonials 
  • Updated some images
  • Added a cool video 

Lots of people try to copy this, but it’s the secret pixy dust the Tech Nerd sprinkled on it that has it humming. 

Take a look at our site:

PLEASE DO NOT OPT IN: If you do, Leo the sales guy will follow up with you and sell you a membership, even if you live in New Mexico.  Yes, he’s that good.  In addition, we are swamped right now with new clients and my team doesn’t have an extra minute to spare. 

If you like what you see, and essentially want to tell the Tech Nerd that you want a site like mine…

Reply to this email with “Fix My Website” and we’ll see how we can help. 

  • Newspapers

I know, I know…I’m old. 

But I like to think of myself as grizzled more than old.

Grizzled means I don’t have time for any BS…and I do what works. 

Well, right now, running ads in our local newspaper not only works, they are crushing it.

Here’s about a dozen tips before you go grizzled… 

  • Full page ads ONLY
  • Don’t make the Ad look like an Ad
  • Strong Headlines
  • Very clear Call to Action
  • Drive to a Landing Page
  • Use deadline driven offers 
  • Highlight successful members using before and after stories 
  • QR Codes work 
  • Don’t give the price
  • Tell them what they get 
  • Call out exactly who you’re marketing to 
  • Use scarcity by telling how many spots are remaining 

I put the exact ad I used in the May issue of my newsletter. 

You can subscribe to that here.

Vince Gabriele 

P.S. If you decide to subscribe to the newsletter today…I’ll throw in a recording of a call I did with my Mastermind that unpacks my most successful ad.

Here’s the link again.

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