The 5 Key Ingredients to Get 10-20 Small Group Training Clients Per Month

“The 5 Key Ingredients to Get 10-20 Small Group Training Clients Per Month“
We spoke about:

  • “Marketing, Message and Multiple Media”
  • Clarity with your target market
  • Simple messaging
  • Message to market match- get them to say “I feel like they were talking to me”
  • Having a pre-thought out marketing plan
  • Having multiple methods- the Marketing Glove
  • Keeping Score
  • What he will talk about in his Masterclass on May 14 and 15
  • much more

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– Discover the most reliable way to get a consistent flow of Small Group leads to your gym (without being a tech wizard and without needing to spend a lot of money on marketing) 

– How to get a steady flow of Small Group Referrals…and get a look at my never seen before referral landing page that I send to our Small Group members   

– How to become the highest paid gym in your area….without losing or turning clients away (plus, the story about how one of my clients paid for 3 college tuitions with one email) 

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