The First Gym Open in America Reveals Their Plan

Vince Sat down with Fitness industry legend, Rick Mayo, about opening your gym back up.

Rick will be one of the first gyms in the country allowed to open so you’re getting the plan that’s about to be implemented immediately!

They unpacked:

  • How to learn what your clients are thinking about coming back to the gym
  • What 3 buckets that resulted in and why that matters
  • How to set up your gym the best possible way so your members feel safe
  • How you should communicate what you are doing to your members
  • Why small group training is a very important service to offer right now
  • How to pivot if you do only large group
  • Special cleaning initiatives that will help your clients feel safer
  • How to incorporate TRUST in your marketing
  • How to continue to keep your staff motivated through the pandemic
  • How to avoid getting overwhelmed and what to do instead
  • How long your workouts should be and why

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