The Right Team Will Set You Free (Lesson 6)

Lesson 6: The team is the secret to success 

My gym is filled with clients that are very successful business people.  

Recently, at my 10-year anniversary party more than one of them came up to me and started asking about my secrets. 
They didn’t want the secrets to my marketing nor did they want the secrets to our very innovative small group training system. 

They wanted my secrets on hiring. 

They were going on and on about my trainers and front desk staff. 
They kept telling me how great the team I have put together is and how ALL of them are good, really good.  
I reveal lots of my secrets in my 364 Hiring Book but the reality is you need to understand you cannot do this alone. 

Finding and keeping great team members will make your clients happy and will be the key to your freedom as a gym owner.  

I was on the phone with a Mastermind member who told me he was having trouble finding great trainer. 

I told him to stop looking. 
You don’t need great trainers, you need great people. 

You only need to look for 3 things:

  1. People that care and have positive energy 
  1. People that are willing to learn 
  1. People that others want to spend an hour with 

That’s my formula.  


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