The Speech That Launched My Business

In 2008, on a random Wednesday night, I entered a small conference room that held 10 people. 

The conference was a regular meeting that was held each week and consisted of the head honcho of each sport in our local youth program. 

Each person held a list of at least 1,000 people that were in my exact target market. 

This room was a daunting room to enter…

But I knew this was the golden ticket for launching a business that would go on to generate well over 12 million dollars.

I had no training in public speaking.

I assume I was pretty bad back then.

I was definitely nervous but knew I needed to muster up the courage to influence these people.

This was my first public speaking experience and even though I was awful…it made a huge impact and helped me get a big head start on my business.

Since those days I have spoken at much bigger venues in my local area to help get more members at my gym.

The most notable was an annual ACL injury prevention seminar that ran for close to a decade with a well-known knee surgeon. 

These events skyrocketed my authority in the local area and we became the most known and respected gym around…

…and it was the speaking that made it a reality. 

In my second career as a business coach…that too was launched with speaking.

I started with small business seminars at my gym and grew tremendously after getting nationally recognized speaking gigs with Mindbody, IDEA, and Perform Better. 

Speaking is a gateway for big business growth.

The problem is…most never get out there. 

It’s not easy…but it sure is worth it to find the courage to get on stage.

After well over a decade of speaking, I’ve put together a public speaking masterclass where I’ll reveal some of the best-speaking success principles. 

This event is for my private community but you have a few hours to join us…see below for instructions.

So if you’re ready to get out there and start growing your business with public speaking…please join us today!

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Here’s a little more about the club 

It’s a membership site that helps gym owners with their marketing

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3. If nothing else, this program will serve as a monthly “kick-in-the-pants” reminder to keep marketing, keep looking to boost your profitability or raise prices and keep increasing your authority in your town 

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Vince Gabriele 

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