The Sure-Fire Way to Start Joint Venture Relationships

Recently I was sent a large box from a physical therapy company looking to build a joint venture with my gym.  

It was a one of the best gift boxes I had ever seen to a cold prospect. 

It had t-shirts, cookies, brochures, a handwritten note and a bunch of other little stuff.  

It was impressive.

But I still didn’t call.  

Not saying I won’t, but it’s been a while.  

The goal to build a joint venture with me would ultimately be to meet with me in person.

Since I have no clue who this person is, I don’t have any urgency to get back to them.  

Here’s what would have worked better. 

It’s something I have used for years on a local level that pretty much guarantees a start to a conversation. 

It’s called the email introduction and its effectiveness is close to perfect. 

Step 1: He should have asked around his network if any of them knew me. 

Step 2: Ask them if they would be willing to introduce me to him (this is very likely in a small community like mine). 

Step 3: Tell them how to do it by saying, “Just send an email introducing us to each other and CC the both of us on the email I’ll take it from there. 

Hey Vince,  

Hope all is well. 

Please meet Dave (ccd on this email).

Dave just opened a PT place down the street and I think there will be a great synergy between your businesses.

You guys take it from here.  


The chances of me NOT responding to this email are 0%.  

The chances are 0% because I would be letting down someone I knew and make them look foolish if I didn’t respond.  

This puts him in contact with me much faster and gives him an advantage as we have a friend in common that strengthens rapport 

Add this one to your toolbox, it works.  

Yesterday I unpacked a whole bunch info about Joint Ventures in the New Client Surge Program. 

Enrollment is closed right now but will be opening back up soon, stay tuned. 


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