The Truth About the Average Revenue for Gyms

Free Marketing Class: The Exact Recipe for How We Got 29 New Clients in 31 Days

There are very few gym owners that truly believe they can actually charge MORE money because of the current pandemic. 

Before all this madness occurred, I saw a report from the Association of Fitness Studios that the average gym does less than $300,000… 

…meaning the average gym owner is NOT bring home 6 figures in personal income.  

Here’s the reason for this:  

Gym owners have not mastered the art of pricing their services. 

They look at the competition, average household income and other things like this that don’t matter nearly as much as what I want to share with you on Friday.  

Here’s how I know this.  

If you take that $300,000 and divide it by 12 you get $25,000 per month in revenue.  

If you have 25 clients that pay you 1,000 per month. You’re here.  

25 clients is all it takes. 

But most people cannot get around charging his kind of money for their services.  

Well, in the month of July this happened…in 31 days at my gym… 

We generated 29 new members in 31 days and charged on average over $1,000. 

If you’re like most gym owners and you’re not bringing home the amount of money you deserve (despite being the best gym in your area), and you’re struggling to achieve your business or financial goals, read on… 

Because this week (Friday the 30 and Saturday 31st, 12pm EST), I’m holding a free live training to solve that problem and show you what we did. 

The live training is titled: New Jersey Gym Owner Teaches Exact 3-Step Recipe Used to Bring in 29 New Members (1k+) in 31 Days…During the Heart of the Pandemic.

Register here. 

As you are well aware, your pricing is the foundation of everything in your business.   

It determines how much money you’ll make…more than any other business factor and I’m going to show you why getting the courage to charge more money for your personal training is the way out of this mess.  

When you attend, here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • A Covid-19 Discovery: Exactly where to look to find the hidden money in your business that will cost you nothing in ad spend 
  • How to attract the small pocket of high paying clients (the same ones your competitors swear don’t exist because of Covid-19) …Who are willing to write checks 2-5x your normal prices 
  • How to simply and easily make a few tweaks to your current pricing model based on the current recession…that’ll transform your business  
  • How to multiply your profits in a simple way almost every other business coach ignores 
  • How to write text messages and emails that get killer response rates…results I’ve never seen before 
  • Plus, I’m going to reveal the details of my new business coaching course for gym owners running their business in a pandemic and a recession.  

Register here now while you still can.

There’s only 34 seats left for Friday and just 53 left for Saturday. 

Register here. 

I’ll see you in a few days. 


P.S. We start at 12pm EST sharp and please be ready to take notes and be fully focused.  

Register here now if you’re ready to own the skill that will give you an insurance policy for your gym forever.  

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