The Truth About Why Some Clients Don’t Get Results

Quick thought for you to ponder for the rest of the day.

Why the heck do you have so many people in your gym that have NOT achieved their weight loss goals yet they still train with you on a regular basis?

Why do they stay for one, 2 3 10 years?!

They clearly have not gotten value from training with you.

Have you ever thought about how hard are job really is in relation to people getting measurable results?

You have them for 3 hours and the rest is up to them.

We also have minimal control on the most important factor that will determine their success, their food. 

Think of a restaurant.

They don’t have to deal with this at all. 

They bring the person the food, they hopefully enjoy the food and there is a measurable result, the client got what they wanted.

If so many of your clients have not gotten what they wanted what the heck is making them stay?

There’s another kind of value you’ve been giving them.

Little did you realize this value would be much more effective in keeping clients for the long haul. 

This type of value is what I call UP Value.

UP stands for Unique and Personal.

You’ve been offering an experience that more unique and personal to your clients. 

This kind of value makes them FEEL very connected to your business.

It’s the birthday cards you send, 

the community events you have, 

the relatively small number people that are in your club,

 the t-shirts they get to where that give them status, 

the fact that they can bring their kid to sit in the lobby while they workout, 

that you know their kids names, 

you know their name, 

that you ring a bell when they get a PR, 

that they know you (the owner).

They met their best friend at your gym. 

 your facility doesn’t look like most gyms they’ve been to, 

that you have weird equipment they’ve never used. 

that you correct their form and tell them why it’s important.

You hire people that stay for a long time.

You treat people with respect.

This is why they stay. 

They stay because of how all these things make them FEEL. 

These things are arguably much more valuable than getting them a measurable result like weight loss.

You still need to give them the tools and motivation to lose weight but at the end of the day, if they want measurable results it’s their decision. 

Personal trainers spend too much time stressing over stuff they cannot control.

Regardless of measurable results or not, if you clients are living happier healthier lives, your job is to keep them rolling.

It’s probably time to double down on your UP Value.

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