Top 30 Things Gym Owners Do

Here’s all the things you could do as a gym owner…

1.    Train a Client

2.    Write an email

3.    Film a video

4.    Meet with a trainer

5.    Look at your financials

6.    Meet with a client

7.    Talk to the landlord

8.    Help a client change their schedule

9.    Call the plumber

10.  Research a new way to hold your clients accountable

11.  Listen to the FBU Podcast

12.  Build a new joint venture

13.  Write a systems manual

14.  Clean up the parking lot

15.  Write programs

16.  Work with the web designer

17.  Possibly get a workout in

18.  Re-arrange the schedule

19.  Call Mind Body or Zen Planner tech support

20.  Clean the gym

21.  Talk to a prospect on the phone

22.  Meet with a client that wants to cancel

23.  Find a digital marketing agency that actually gets results

24.  Replace the HVAC filters

25.  Post on social media

26.  Lead a team meeting

27.  Look at your capacity

28.  Think about new ideas and opportunities

29.  Ask your members questions for insight on how you’re doing

30.  Cover the 7 PM Session and miss dinner with the family again

You can’t possibly do all this.

These tasks are NOT all created equal.

The secret to success is finding which of these are most important…than going ALL IN on those things.

Today at Noon EST I’ll be leading you through a LIVE training to make the noise go away.

You’ll figure out:

1.     What you need to stop doing

2.     What few things you should be doing

3.     What decisions you need to make, to make doing those few things a reality

Would you like to attend this LIVE Training today at NOON?

Email with YES in the subject line and we will tell you how to register for the call.

Vince Gabriele

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